The FreeOnes Story

FreeOnes is one of the longest-running and most popular babe sites you will find online. We were pioneers in the adult industry, offering our customers the very best in free porn when we launched - and we’re still doing it today. We provide large daily updates of the top adult stars which adds to our database of over 222.6k videos, 183 premium videos, 110.2k photo sets, 4.8k premium photo sets, and almost 54k babes

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How FreeOnes Was Started

It all started when the FreeOnes founder did some website work for someone else. At some point he thought, “Hey, How I can do this better?” and he created a centerfold site with only 26 pages. The reaction was positive and the site quickly grew into a database of beautiful women of all sorts of professions. In 1998, FreeOnes was born.

FreeOnes girls

The Early Days

The growth of FreeOnes was fast and unstoppable. Within 6 years of launching we had already listed over 6,000 models. We also quickly moved to set up the FreeOnes Forum, which is still one of the largest message boards within the porn world. In 2008 we started inviting porn stars and adult models to the forum to have fun with our members and post sexy pictures.

Not long after the introduction of models on the forum, we updated our free porn video section and were able to increase the amount that came out three fold. We continued adding links and photo galleries at a quick rate while continuing to add to our ultimate babe database.

Miss FreeOnes contest winners

Miss FreeOnes

In 2009 we launched the first Miss FreeOnes contest, which was hugely successful. The winner of the first $10,000 to be given away was none other than Bree Olson. Over the next several years we ran the contest, giving members more weight to their votes and adding categories.

The last Miss FreeOnes ran in 2014 with popular and beloved OCSM Miss Hybrid winning the main prize.

FreeOnes discounts

The Best Porn Discounts

In 2010 we started a new section of the site, FreeOnes Discounts. It started with a few of the top sites in the industry giving us great discounts for our users. Over time more sites wanted to get in on the fun, saving our visitors money. Now there is over 80 discounts with more being added daily.

The Redesign and Relaunch of FreeOnes

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Especially when it comes to technology. By 2016 the code base of FreeOnes was rapidly becoming out of date. We knew there were precious few years left that our database and code would remain compatible with the new technology coming out so we gotta work re-coding FreeOnes from the ground up.

In 2017 we started the hard work behind the scenes. By 2019 we had the Beta site up and running in parallel to the normal site. Once we were confident we had the core features set up and running properly, we shut off the old site and transferred everyone to the new in the beginning of 2020.

However, since we had a new code base we could add new things to the site as well! An extensive search and filter system, a way to see all the content for each category along with new categories. We were able to add a coming soon feed as well as a much asked for channels section for the fans of certain sites.

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The Future of FreeOnes

Now that we learned our lesson in keeping our technology up to date with the changing world, we are optimistic for the future.

In July 2021 we added the Bronze Premium Membership with a bunch of perks to see if our visitors would like more premium offerings. We quickly realized the answer to this was yes so this year (2022) we have launched the Silver and Gold premium membership packages as well.

We also brought back ways for our members to earn credits by using the site and they can currently be spent on downloading photo sets and videos! More offerings will be coming soon.

And of course we have created our own Video on Demand section. FreeOnes is a trusted name so you know when you spend your money here that everything will be kept safe and secure. Keep an eye on the site because you never know what we’re going to do next.

We’re constantly updating and adding new things, so keep an eye on the News Section to see what we release next!


Help Shape the Future of FreeOnes

Are you interested in helping shape the future of FreeOnes? Do you have an idea for a feature, or a suggestion on how we can change things to make the site better? Then you’re welcome to leave Feedback!

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