Bringing My Sister in Law to Fuck My Patient

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Conor is relaxed on the couch browsing through his cell phone, when Dr. Erica Lauren knocks on the door. Conor welcomes Erica in, she wanted to stop by and see how he was doing since his previous Viagra overdose. Erica wants to make sure that Conor hasn't had anymore problems, and is doing okay. Conor and Erica talk for a bit, and Erica mentions she has someone waiting in the car. Erica goes out to get her Sister-in-Law so she can come inside. Erica and Alura Jensen walk back into the house and sit next to Conor on the couch. "I actually told her all about you!" Conor is shocked by Erica, and asks what she means. Erica admits that she told Alura all about how she helped Conor out last time, and starts to unbutton his pants. "I'll just have to have a look while I'm here." Erica pulls Conor's cock out of his pants. Alura is blown away by the size of Conor's cock. "You weren't kidding!" Alura asks Conor if he minds, and starts to suck his already hard cock. Erica holda his cock with her hands, and strokes his balls while Alura wraps her lips around it. Alura deep throats Conor's cock, and licks at the tip. "Your cock seems to be responding nicely." Conor takes off his pants, and the two ladies get on their knees. Erica slaps Conor's cock on Alura's tongue. "Getting all that rushing to your penis." Alura lays back on the couch as Conor licks her pussy. Alura moans in pleasure as Erica instructs Conor on how to lick her, shoving his head into her pussy. Alura pulls her giant breasts out of her shirt, and begins to rubs them. Conor sucks on Alura's nipples, and Erica shoves his cock onto Alura's wet pussy. "I want every drop of cum that you have in your body." Erica thrusts Conor's hips into Alura's pussy. Alura gets on her knees, and sucks Conor's cock again. She shoves it all down her throat, moving her head up and down as fast as she can. Alura bends over the couch, and Conor fucks her again. Erica moves Conor in and out of Alura. Alura sucks his cock, while Erica rubs his balls... Then Alura jumps on top of Conor. Alura bounces her ass up and down as she grinds on Conor's cock. Alura sucks Conor's again one last time, then he jumps on top. Conor thrust in and out of Alura until he cums all over her giant breasts.

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