Freigegeben um: 15. Februar 2016 von Dane Jones
Dane Jones is proud to present ~~Heartbeats~~, a collection of passionate scenes where the couples are completely in sync and hit all of the right spots. Anna and Peter celebrate their love with rose petals strewn across their bed and a round of hot, hair-pulling sex. Zuzanna comes home after a day on her motorcycle and decides to pour herself a nice, hot bath. When George enters to have a shower at the same time, she watches his dick grow through the glass and touches herself until she can't take it anymore. She jumps into the shower with him and they fuck standing right there. Enjoy these scenes and more, as these beautiful women show off their bodies and they're love for a good fuck.

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Szene1: 00:00:09 - 00:23:07 (22:58)


Anna Rose, Leny Ewil

Szene2: 00:23:09 - 00:44:00 (20:51)


George Uhl, Zuzana Z.

Szene3: 00:44:02 - 01:01:10 (17:08)

Szene4: 01:01:13 - 01:23:39 (22:26)


Tarja King, Matt Ice

Szene5: 01:23:42 - 01:49:47 (26:05)


Martin Gun, Vinna Reed