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Freigegeben um: 29. Mai 2019 von Lesbea
The sun is shining brightly and a soft light enters Nicole Love's kitchen. Her lover, the sexy Miyuki Son, has spent the night and is lounging on a nearby sofa reading a book. Miyuki looks stunning in a satin robe that hangs open, showing off the Asian beauty's big pierced boobs. Walking seductively to the sofa, Nicole kisses Miyuki softly, but soft kisses turn into a passion-fueled embrace. Nicole sucks Miyuki's nipples, then pulls her panties to the side to star licking her lover's hairy pussy. Fingering her and isolating her clit, Nicole brings Miyuki to orgasm. Her girlfriend satisfied, Nicole then strips off her clothing and sits on Miyuki's face. Miyuki thoroughly licks Nicole's ass and pussy, then the sexy European teens take turns finishing each other off in a blindingly hot climax of pleasure!

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