Lesbian Anal Vol. 4

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Another hot sunny day in southern California. Jen (Kenna James) is finishing cleaning Kelly's (Chanel Preston) pool when she comes up with a glass of lemonade. Kelly asks Jen to take a little break, it's a very hot day and she doesn't want her to get sunstroke. Jen is a bit shy, but she agreed and follows Kelly in the shade. Jen is nervous it's the first time she spends some time with Kelly. We don't know if it's the sun or the fact that Jen finds Kelly terribly attractive, but when Kelly removes her shirt and exposed her beautiful breasts to Jen, things heat up even more. Ten years pass since Tammy (Sovereign Syre) saw her ex-college girlfriend Sally (Ariel X). When she opens the door, it was like nothing change, she had aged very well, and she still has that ravishing smile. Tammy shows her around and the two women catch up on the past. You can see in Tammy's eyes that she still has feelings for Sally and when they pass to the living room the vivid memories of their past together start to emerge. When Sally lands her lips against Tammy's, those memories became reality. Phoebe (Avi Love) is waiting in her advisor office, Ms. Dalton (Kenzie Taylor). For the last couple of months, Phoebe put a lot of pressure on her shoulder and she needs help. Ms. Dalton is surprised to see one of her best students in her office, she's in shock to learn about Phoebe recent issues with her thesis. Maybe if Phoebe tries to relax a bit and take some time to enjoy life, she will feel better. Ms. Dalton grabs Phoebe's hands and practice some breathing exercises with her, but she needs something stronger to let it go and Ms. Dalton knows exactly what she needs. Jamie (Whitney Wright) and Florence (Jennifer White) are two rivals. On the tennis court and outside, Jamie can't stand Florence. When she learns that she will have to share an apartment Florence, is extremely unhappy. The situation gets worse when she arrives at the location and she finds out that they only have a couch not even a bed for them. Jamie decides to call the owner, but Florence stops her, they can share it for one night. The two girls will use this moment to clear the tension between them and start this new partnership the right way.

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