My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 22

Freigegeben um: 10. September 2019 von Nikky Thorne Productions
Nikky is together with Sarah Cute, and Sarah is horny! So Nikky has an idea! She knows a call "girl" which can come and satisfy Sarah. Nikky calls, and a few moments later the call "girl" comes. Dressed in a tight top, looking like crap! But needless he needs to satisfy Sarah, and try his best to do so, highly encouraged by Nikky. But Nikky has a kinky plan! While he fucks Sarah, Nikky puts on her strap-on and fucks his sorry ass. Even in sandwich style, they do the fucking. He is even stupid enough to cum inside Sarah! But no problem, he is told to lick every piece of cum from her pussy! Nikki has hired a cameraman to film some friends of hers fuck. But the douche can't do anything right! Nikki gets pissed, and take the camera from him, and finds other suitable tasks for him. He is giving the man a blowjob. While the couple is fucking, he must lick the feet of both her and him. When the cumshot is a reality, he is used as the cuckold and must consume the cum from the fucker, and takes the load in his mouth.

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