Purzel Video 806 - Elegant Lola Nr. 1

Freigegeben um: 12. August 2014 von Purzel
Scene 1 - Victoria is an elegant Lola. That's the best thing for a young modern girl. A fashion-conscious, extravagant princess, she gets just as horny as men. Now her pussy is fucked. With her slim, athletic body, washboard stomach, firm tits, hard nipples and tight ass, she's a real high-class mare. Elegantly presented in the Strip, she enjoys a good roll in the hay. If not just for the wow factor of seeing her bare bottom fucked, this film is absolutely worth seeing. At the end she is still splashed by many men. Scene 2 - Mely from the fashion scene has a very different character. She wants that cock! Horny and lascivious she gives herself to a very muscular man. This scene offers great masturbation gimmicks. Her whimpering soft moan and their loud orgasms are an acoustic enjoyment. Again and again they employ many great positions before orgasm. Scene 3 - Black Aliza is a Gothica. Self-confident and provocative, she gets horny for our young bodybuilder. Intensive she sucks his rock-hard cock. So horny he rips her pantyhose to lick and finger her pussy. This Purzel Video shows many different positions and visually beautiful close-ups. For the intense fuck on the table, they will be rewarded with an orgasm. Immediately, he injects his huge load in her pussy.

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