Sex And The Babysitter 3

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Sex and the Baby Sitter 3 stars Piazza Perelli, Mysti Moon, Dallas Diamondz, Mary Jane, Summer the Slut, and Brianna Lee! The rents in this movie hire hot ass teenage Baby Sitters and then bang them all night long! Next time you and your wife hire a teenage baby sitter, maybe you can fuck them like these couples do! If you have ever had a HOT Baby Sitter at your house to watch the place, have you ever secretly wanted to fuck her and fill her young pussy with your cock and cum? Well, these parents did and what they talk their slutty sitters into doing is the DREAM of many men and their wives! These little girls were SLUTS when they got here and BIGGER sluts today! Watch what filthy things are done to them and what they do to the Parents at these houses! Here's some Baby Sitting tales that will confirm what most parents already know...their young baby sitters are nymphos and it just takes a slight nudge to get them naked and their young long legs parted and their inexperienced pussies and mouths open, wet, and ready! You'll see how 4 of these sweet little girls are used, fucked, filled, taught, and used again by not only the DAD but his wife as well! There are four stories here for you and each one is filthier than the next! You'll see little Mary taken advantage of during a scary thunderstorm where she will do anything to be safe from harm, but she quickly learns that she would rather fuck her employer than go home for the evening! Then, there's Mysti, who was curious about her boss and his wife and when she peeks into their bedroom, she gets a BIG surprise that gets her not only FUCKED, but teaches her a little about how to eat pussy and ass! Then, Piazza and her husband know that their sitter is also the high school slut so when they invite her to a swingers party at their house, they know that their friends are going to enjoy this tender young girl's holes and they are thrilled when she eats her first pussy and swallows lots of loads from the boys! Last but not least, Brianna, a cute MILF mom and her husband discuss their baby sitter, Summer, and whether or not they should invite her into their bedroom where they are both already naked and horny as hell! Summer agrees to their little party and she makes up in dirty sex, what she lacks in experience! Turns out she's a bigger cum lover than Brianna and daddy gets them to do things that neither of them have ever done before! Now he has TWO horny sluts and only ONE WHAT to DO???

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