Taboo Tales Volume 83

Freigegeben um: 3. Februar 2014 von Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Lance and his stepsister Angel decide to play a game of strip poker to pass a boring evening. When they run out of clothes to take off, they start giving each other dares. First Lance has to kiss Angel. Then Angel has to suck to Lance's cock. Eventually the pair goes all the way - fucking in several positions until Lance blows his creamy load in his stepsister's tight pussy. Scene 2 - Angel is home alone with her compulsive-masturbator of a step-brother, Lance. Catching him beating his meat yet again, she retreats to her own room in disgust. There she experiences a rare horniness that leads her to do some masturbating of her own. Next it's Angel's turn to be caught in the act as Lance comes to see what his entire stepsister's moaning is about. When he hints that he may tell her mother what she's been doing, Angel offers to buy her Lance's silence by sucking his cock. The young man takes her up on the offer. Much to his delight, his stepsister sweetens the pot by allowing him to fuck her in a number of positions.

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