Amazing Penetrations 4

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After stretching her pussy with giant-monster dildos, Naughty Alysha can push her whole cervix completely outside of her pussy. You have never seen anything like this! This "one-of-a-kind" tart has trained her well used slut cunt to express her uterus so the her cervix is completely exposed! Join this over sexed slut as he submits her womb to her first vibrating dildo and finger fuck. She gets off intensely time after time, screaming, "DON'T STOP", as she ahs almost continuous orgasms! Alysha spends the first few minutes warming up her cunt hole by stretching it with over-sized dongs. After her twat is gaping widely, she begins gaping the orifice open and pushes her whole cervix right out before the camera. After you see what it looks like in its virgin state, several toys and then a finger is sent plumbing the depths of her womb. Alysha rips off one cum after another, while expressing her need to be fucked deeper and deeper into her newly found hole! She swears they were the best orgasms she has ever had in her life!

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