April - Black Executive Secretary 1

Sorti à: 29 novembre 2004 de Color Crown
April is a pretty, young, dark-skinned secretary who gets a phone call so persuasive that she puts down her keyboard and begins to play with herself. The professional, but still sexy suit of hers gets moved out of the way piece by piece, while she's talking. The black jacket's first, revealing a white knit top, hinting at her gorgeous breasts underneath. This gal's got fabulous legs, quite visible in her very short, tight skirt. Her play is briefly interrupted when the boss comes back - remember we said briefly, because she barely finishes writing a letter when the boss offers her some wine, just making her even hornier. Looks like a pretty loose operation, encouraging April to show more and more of herself just for you to enjoy. Rub a little wine on the nipples, and the fun begins, with April finally playing seriously with herself. This young woman is so sexy when she slides up her skirt she's not wearing panties, and you'll just want to dive in between her ass cheeks to lick her hairless pussy. The next day it's even more sexy fun for our lovely lady, and you get to see it all the rubbing, the kissing the posing - all the stuff we guys wish would happen at work.

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