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A Foot Fetish Dream Come True! Allanah Rhodes, a six-foot tall green-eyed blonde with legs that go on forever is ready to be worshipped. After squeezing into her micro-miniskirt and donning stockings and pumps, she heads for her erotic encounter with foot fanatic Danny Dreamer. Given the chance to kiss, lick, and suck the beautiful feet and toes of this golden glamazon, he explodes inside his underwear when she merely rubs her pedicured foot against his crotch...and that's just for starters! The action really heats up when the stockings are peeled off completely, and Allanah's naked heels and toes are covered in sweet honey and made intro a meal fit for a kinky king, You'll wish it was your mouth hungrily working her feet as you witness this up-close and oh-so-personal foot lover's fetish fantasy come to life.

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