Billie X 4

Sorti à: 21 avril 2004 de Billie West Productions
X 1 - Billie has a cute red outfit on as she does a strip tease dance in the dudgeon. This kid can really do an erotic dance. X 2 - Secretary Billie at work gets bored, as everyone has left the office but her. She starts to take off her business suit and takes her hair down. She ends up with just her stockings and garter belt on and starts to rub her nice hairy pussy. She then bends over the table and shows you her great ass, grabbing her anal intruder she rams it up her tight ass hole and fucks her ass to a great orgasm. X3 -- Fireman Billie puts out your fire by peeing all over the couch. She then wants you to put out her fire as she fingers her wet pussy and opens up wide for you to see her wetness. X - 4 Watch young Billie in her interview to becoming a glamour model. She shows up shy and unsure and takes her clothes off to show the director that she wants to be a nude Internet model. Incredible acting by Billie. This is one you must see.

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