Celeste Star TEEN "Bratty" J/O Panty

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OH MY GOD! This Heartbreaker will steal your Heart! One of Best TEENS on video ever! Non-Stop Panty Teasing with Real Natural CUM for Me Talk! Alone POV! Panty Changing! Sweet & Naughty Headgames! WARNING! It would turn her on if you had a Heart Attack! Will You? Don't Miss this ONE!!! Stunning 19-year-old Celeste Star, a first timer at Playtime wanted to do a panty tease. So who are we to say no? You will love looking up her skirt at her pink cotton bikini panties. She pumps her tight fist, giving you the jack off salute, because she knows you need to come for her. "Are you stroking it nice and hard for me?" She slides off her shoes and points her feet, encased in red mesh thigh highs, under your nose. "I need you to suck on them!" She slowly strips to just her panties and stockings, grabs the camera while pulling her panties off to the side, coaxing you to come all over her pussy before pulling off the panties and tasting them! Hot! Next, Celeste thinks you're a pervert for looking up her skirt as she models a plaid skirt and black thigh highs as you peek at her white cotton full cover panties. Legs spread wide she asks, "Do you want to come on my panties?" Great up shots as she strips down to just her panties and stockings then takes you alone into her bathroom for a little solo fun. She lets you know you will probably have a heart attack, since you're too old and will get way too excited beating off to her panties. She wants you then, to pump another load onto her naked snatch. Call 911! Next, in her bedroom, looking sophisticated in a black cocktail dress, heels, tan lace top thigh highs and grey thong panties, Celeste needs you to worship her as she towers over you. Dress off, she shows off her matching 34C bra covering her natural tits as she humps her crotch in your face. "Come on my ass!" she purrs. She then slips off her panties and spreads that wet pussy wide. 4th scene, Celeste plays on the bed in her powder blue cotton bikini panties as she starts her multiple panty teasing. She wiggles her tight ass at you "I like when you stroke your hard cock for me" as she stands over you while changing into yellow bikini's. Then, into pink polka dot bikini's as she continues pumping her fist at you. Nudity, hard teasing and plenty of panties as the paramedics are on the way!

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