Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes #4

Sorti à: 7 février 2003 de Ed Powers Productions
Ed Powers is back! This time he goes even deeper inside Myria. In the last volume, she had made some exciting steps, now she leaps into some new rear experiences that become just as explosive. You'll meet the adorable Kiera who will tease you to no end. If you have been craving material that will excite and tease, this is it. Kiera masturbates, as she says, for the first time allowing Ed to show her the way. She takes a huge hard dildo in her hand and mouths it in such a way it will drive you bonkers! This tape is for those who like to watch without fast forwarding. Prolonged interviews, Development and lots of steam. this is real life not recreation or scripted act...When Ed goes deep inside, so do you!

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