Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes #8

Sorti à: 6 mars 2003 de Ed Powers Productions
The new batch has arrived! A new variety packed volume of **Deep Inside Dirty Debs** is now in your hands. I have hand picked some unique scenes with ladies whom I feel are perfect for the deeper inside look. She's a bit naive, but that's what makes Marylin Black so cute. Soon, her nerves settle and her shakes turn into orgasmic quivers. She shares her first on camera scene with me and with her first woman ever, Angel Bust. Tanya Senata lights my fire. You probably think any hot Latin lady would - well, you are right! Tanya felt so tight that she squeezed every last drop out of me. Lovely ebony Sweet Hart teams up with that big guy Julian St. Jacques. Sweet's touch of innocence and reality is so refreshing. Lovely, big breasted Kati Miramba allows me to be the second man ever to get near her as her husband Angus rids her doggie style. So much variety that you may mistake this for a **More Dirty Debutantes!** Enjoy **Deep Inside #8**, made with love from me to you.

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