Dream Girls: Casting Couch Cuties 18

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**Peek behind-the-scenes, and see an actual video test shoot!** Each month, girls call us with the desire of becoming a DreamGirls Centerfold model, and we invite them in. We begin each session by asking detailed questions about sexual preferences and experiences these are all the shocking questions you've always wanted to ask, but never knew how or where to start, and you'll be amazed with their answers! It doesn't take long before **these hotties are baring it all.** Marisa (age 19 34B-24-36) and Allison ( age 19 34A-26-38) have been best friends since grade school. **"I know what I'm doing!"** says Marisa as she helps Allison out of her clothes. Both girls are bi but have never done anything with each other. **"I had sex at an elementary school playground!"** Marisa confesses. And Allison reveals **"I had sex in a guy's house with him while his girlfriend was in the back of the house!"** The girls start kissing and playing with each others breasts. Soon they are fingering themselves getting ready for their first toys. **"I have heard about these before, but I have never actually seen one,"** says Allison as she strokes the glass dildo. The penetration begins as the girls work the big glass dildo on each other at the same time. **These girls will be best friends... for life!** Michelle (age 26 34D-27-37) came to our studio with Abby. Both girl are super hot with perfect bodies. **"I masturbate all the time! I'd be happy having sex 5 times a day!" ** Michelle was a cheerleader in high school, and she has on of the best asses we've ever seen. After Michelle confesses, **"My favorite position is bent right over!"** Abby takes control, **"Bend over bitch!"** Michelle bends over as Abby exclaims, **"I thought you were shy, but I like you better this way!"** Michelle says, **"I like it when he puts his cock in my breasts so he comes all on my face and my chest!"** Both girls start masturbating with vibrators. **"Let me see your clitoris... Oh, I like your clitoris!"** squeals Abby as Michelle gets off. Abby has an orgasm, and then uses two dildos on Michelle doggy style. **Thanks for introducing us to your friend, Abby!** **"I like to fuck!"** says the tantalizing Tara (age 25 36D-24-36). She likes girls, and she states, **"I like cute little boy girls!"** She loves having rough sex! **"I used handcuffs once! I was dating a cop and I made him come home while he was on duty!"** She says **"I had sex in the middle of a park in the middle of the day with people around!"** Tara puts lotion on all over while she shakes and fondles her fantastic tits. **Each session contains explicit nudity** with lots of close-ups, and before the session ends, we make sure each potential DreamGirl doesn't have a problem exposing and touching herself in front of the camera! See it all uncut and uncensored - you'll truly get to know each and every girls intimate secrets!

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