Dream Girls: Special Assignment #13

Sorti à: 5 mars 2002 de Dream Girls
There's Something About Being Around Motorcycle Events - It Brings Out The Best In The Babes And The Bikes, And We Do Our Best To Convince All The Girls Out Of Their Leather And Lace To Show It All! Being around bikers brings out the best in babes, and we do our best to convince all the girls we came to show it all! You'll seesome awesome custom motorcycles and go behind the scenes inside trailers and tents at a weekend bike fest!! You'll see girl after girl in and out of their outrageous outfits! But what's a biker event without wild wet t-shirt contests? You know we're there to catch these girls as they rip off t-shirts, thong undies, and bras! One girl dumps hot wax on her nipples while several others go down on each other!! Dream Girl Babes & Bikes videos will do more than get your motor roaring - they'll have you looking for your next Babes and Bikes videos time and time again!

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