Dream Girls: Special Assignment #83

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What do you get when you take DreamGirls to South Padre Island during Spring Break? A Naked Island Party of course! We take several groups of wild party girls out for a night on the town and back to our little Island getaway for naughty and naked fun. And this party gets started in a hurry with a limo ride that has the girls flashing before we've even arrived to the first club. Once inside, our DreamGirls decide to do a little topless bull riding where the tits are jiggling and the club goers are drooling. After seeing some sexy club girls strut their moves, it's back to our Island pad for some hot tub dildoing. We meet our next group of hotties and the tits come out! Literally! From cute perky boobs to massive double D's, these beauties flash at the house, in the limo in the club...well, you get the idea. At the club, we get treated to one very wet WET T Contest. In the limo ride home we get a tally of all of the girls' various piercings. Before the night is over, we take the hottie with the biggest tits and have her naked in the hot tub all to ourselves. We then enjoy a nice poolside nitecap with our next group of naked girls showing us their "birthday bathing suits" as the night winds down. And if that weren't enough, we got one of the seemingly shy girls who wouldn't get naked in front of the camera earlier to masturbate for us alone in the bedroom. Now that what I call a Naked Island Party!

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