Dream Girls: Wild Party Girls #16

Sorti à: 7 août 2002 de Dream Girls
Are you ready to get wild, wild, wild? Here's your ticket to go all the way with WILD PARTY GIRLS! They will do anything for a good time. Don't miss this awesome adventure! Guess what happens when you send Kim (343C-24-36) & Gwen (36B-26-36) for their first trip to New Orleans?! First, they're on the street showing it all for beads! Next thing you know, Kim and Gwen literally go down on each in a nightclub full of customers! Then, they meet 4 anonymous girls, and take them back to the apartment! Anonymous Mask Girl eats Kim out, and then Kim eats out Mask Girl while another girl starts licking Mask Girl's tits! This gets completely wild! Next thing you know, we're off to Indiana to catch America's best all-nude pool party where more than 100 completely naked girls compete for the title of Miss Nude North America. Join us front row center uncovering one of the wildest wet t-shirt contests we've ever filmed - even a dwarf ends up dry-humping a girl on stage! Then, we're off to Bourbon Street - party central for Mardi Gras where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives flashing tits and ass as they turn into wild party girls! Back at the DG apartment, Gwen & Kim begin kissing, fondling, and exploring each other. Kim dives in and doesn't come up until Gwen has an orgasm! Gwen dives in on Kim, and then Kim uses our glass dildo on Gwen until she has another shuddering, sheet-grabbing orgasm! Then Gwen uses the glass dildo on Kim while going down on her, and Kim has an orgasm. But wait...what's a wild party adventure without the strap-on?! This one caps off while Gwen fucks Kim silly - Big Easy silly!

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