Dream Girls: Wild Party Girls #21

Sorti à: 27 décembre 2002 de Dream Girls
We take 3 of our wildest party freaks to Memphis - Mia, Marissa and Mariah... After a little street flashing, they go for a carriage ride, and Mariah licks her big bouncy breasts, and then Mia's breasts and the does the splits over a guys lap and begins fingering herself! In a nightclub, Mariah deep throats a beer bottle and then she bets Marissa that she can "out suck" her - winner gets $100! Later, Marissa and Mia are grinding in a big leather chair and Marissa does some serious pussy licking on Mariah. Then Mia tongue fucks Marissa. The bouncer grabs Marissa and kicks her out of the nightclub! In the car, Mariah licks Mia's pussy at 80 mph! We're off to Indiana to catch America's best all-nude pool party where more than 100 hot girls compete naked for the title of Miss Nude North America. Join us front row and center uncovering another incredible wet t-shirt contest where it takes SKIN TO WIN! Then, we're off to Bourbon Street - Party Central for Mardi Gras where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives flashing tits and ass as they turn into Wild Party Girls! At a house party, Mia gets naked in the kitchen and Mariah eats Mia's pussy. Then Mia tongue fucks Mariah on the kitchen counter and Mariah has a big wet orgasm. Here comes the strap-on, and Mia fucks Marissa hard missionary position and then doggy style while Marissa sucks Mariah's dick. Mariah eats out Mia while Marissa is riding her... "Lick my pussy! Eat me out Mariah! Suck it hard!" Then Mariah fucks Mia while Mia licks Marissa's pussy and then Mariah fucks the shit out of her. Marissa fingers herself while the other two girls are cleaning the dildos... This is one lick fest you should not miss!

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