Dream Girls: Wild Party Girls #22

Sorti à: 7 février 2003 de Dream Girls
If you're up for spending the day with 2 amazing public nudity exhibitionists who are total sex freaks, then climb on board - you're in for a great time with Allison and Marisa! As they both show their pussies, Marisa says, **"I can't believe we're ding this! - We're in Bennigans!"** Marisa stands up thru the sunroof in the middle of traffic and bares her breasts! She changes into a dress and fingers herself! **"I like to be fucked every which way!"** says Allison. On the beach, they get totally naked... **"People are watching us!"** As the cars pull up to watch them, one guy gets stuck in the sand! **"This is a blast!"** We're off to Indiana to catch America's best all-nude pool party where more than 100 hot girls compete naked for the title of Miss Nude North America. Join us front row and center uncovering another incredible wet t-shirt contest where it takes **SKIN TO WIN!** Then, we're off to Bourbon Street - Party Central for Mardi Gras where we see event the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives flashing tits and ass as they turn into **Wild Party Girls!** Back home, the girls take a shower together... **"Come here - I'm gonna wash you!" "This feels so good!" ** says Allison. As they jump on the bed, Marisa says **"Uh oh! What's this?"** as she picks up a vibrator. **"You gonna do this for me? You gonna do the honors?"** As the girls kiss and lick each others nipples, Allison uses the vibrator on Marisa and Marisa has a loud orgasm! Then Marisa uses the vibrator on Allison and they kiss some more. Allison has a loud, toe-curling orgasm! **"How do you want it?"** says Marisa... **"However you want to give it to me!" "You gonna nut?" ** says Marisa... as Allison comes to orgasm loudly. **"Ooh... I'm exhausted... 4 orgasms in one session!"**

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