Fantadream HD: Super Idol 46

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Watch Tubasa Kato in five incredible Japanese Uncensored hardcore scenes. Just look at those lush lips, jet black hair, natural tits with such pink eraser nipples and an unshaved pussy. In the very first scene, Tubasa has a threesome and gives a double blowjob. But, she doesn't let the guys cum, instead one holds her legs and the other fingers her till she squirts.Her Kimono in scene two is quite beautiful.She squirts again, gets in a 69 position, gets fucked and gets her pretty face full of cum. Next she masturbates with her vibrator. Tubasa enjoys her pussy and ass licked, as you can see. Finally, watch what is done to her pussy. Toys, lights, double headed dildo and a speculum and of course a cock is penetrated in her wet pussy.

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