First Time Sex with My Virgin Petite Step Sister

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Misty is a pretty, sweet, and innocent young lady but she never got any luck with the guys. Maybe it is because she is very shy or maybe because the boys nowadays are hard to deal with. It turns out that her step brother is at home and suddenly shows up in her room. Misty is a little embarrassed but quickly they start having a little conversation about life and boys. Stepbrother seems to be very helpful with all his advice and with the passing of time Misty slowly opens up to him. Surprisingly, with Misty being a less shy step brother decides to take things to the next level and give Misty some tips about sex. In the beginning, she is very hesitant, shocked, and embarrassed but eventually, she starts enjoying the gentle touch and kind words he shares with her. It is going to be the day Misty will never forget as it is a breaking point in her sexual life. Why? Because she is going to lose her virginity! She experiences it all for the first time, her heart beats fast, her body is shaking, millions of emotions are crossing her mind as she is not sure if she is making the right decision. However, once he grabs her boobs, puts his finger in her tight, wet, little virgin pussy, she doesn't oppose- she starts moaning and enjoying herself immersed in endless pleasure. Now she is ready for that hard big cock- and don't forget it is the first time ever that she can see the cock live! She can't believe her own eyes- she lets him slowly stick it in her tight hole - it hurts in the beginning but after a few attempts it is finally in stretching her tight little hole for the first time in her life. She is a little nervous but after a while, she starts enjoying it. They take it really slow and easy. He is very respectful and understanding- won't do anything to hurt her. He only wants to please her so she can become a confident woman. They try a few positions. Doggy and cowgirl are her favorites, as his dick can penetrate her in a way she likes and enjoys to the fullest. She also learns how to suck a guy's dick for the first time. Surprisingly she knows how to do it, and the step bro compliments her for that. Do you want to know more? Treat yourself with this hot first time sex feast you will never forget.

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