Foreign Affairs

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Brenda (Aila Donovan), a flight attendant, makes her way to a cafe. As soon as she's inside, she surveys the room... until her eyes fall on a lone man sitting nearby, Harry (Jay Smooth). Once she notices a wedding band, she scrutinizes him from afar, as if assessing him, before deciding to make her move... He's EXACTLY what she's looking for. She approaches Harry and asks to sit with him, which he politely accepts. It doesn't take long before Brenda starts becoming flirty. Harry tries his best to ignore her advances, letting her know that he's a happily married man. Brenda tells him that if HE'S willing to overlook this, then SHE is, too. Roger (Ryan McLane) is browsing online, spending a bit of time looking at an escort site. He seems surprised and uncertain when he notices the photo of one of the escorts, Melanie (Lydia Black)...who is the daughter of his best friend, Joe!

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