Gialicious #2

Sorti à: 28 août 2007 de Gia Darling Entertainment
Ooh Baby! Gia Darling is finger-licking good! This 36DD, blonde bombshell isn't just any ordinary de-licious babe, she is GIALICIOUS and she's back for more in Gialicious #2. Can't get enough of the beautiful Ms. Gia Darling? Well, this volume has more of the best scenes of Gia. In scene #3, Gia is wearing a tight, red, one-piece, bathing suit. Her boobs are bigger and she looks hotter than any lifeguard or Baywatch Babe! And in scene #4, Nurse Gia gives one lucky patient a drop of TLC to make his pain go away. He willingly dropped his pants for a thorough examination.

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