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Jillian and Alexis are experienced lesbian lovers, and they waste no time getting started. Moaning, licking, rubbing, grinding and sucking are common themes presented in this first scorching hot girl on girl scene. Alexis uses a pink dildo on Jillian to make her cum, after they finish they cuddle like true lovers. Kimberly, a first timer gets a lesson on pleasure for a girl by a girl. Leah Livingston aggressively shows Kim how to properly eat and finger pussy; she even teaches her how to lick asshole. Kim returns the favor by licking Leah to her delight, then she finger bangs her until she cums. Candy is a freak. She proves it to us by dildoing herself with multiple dildos in both her pussy and asshole for her pleasure. The camerawoman gets so worked up she has to assist with a helping hand, to make sure she gets properly worked. Violet and Hailey are natural lovers. In just minutes they are passionately rubbing on each other and eating each other's pussy. Violet likes to suck on Hailey's clitoris which causes her to squirm all over the bed.

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