I Can Spell

Sorti à: 8 avril 2005 de Billie West Productions
Mica flunked her spelling test so her father asks her to spell a few words. She gets hung up on "Hippopotamus" and has to look it up as her father leaves to run some errands. Mica finds the word in the dictionary then throws the book on the floor saying, "I would rather play with the boys then study." Then, she shows you her favorite toy on her bench to play with later. Getting excited, she takes off her glasses and down comes her long blonde hair. Then her blouse comes off as she starts to play with her big beautiful breasts pinching her nipples. She stands up taking off her skirt and starts to rub her clean-shaven schoolgirl pussy. She is a naughty schoolgirl, so she gives herself a good spanking. What a nice tight ass to spank. Off come her white stockings as she starts to play with the dildo attached to her bench. She gets down on her knees and gives her dildo a great sucking wishing it was your big hard cock. In and out of her mouth it goes. Then she greases it up with KY jelly and sits on it fucking it up and down. She then turns around and mounts it from the rear spreading her pink asshole wide open as she rides her dildo to a great orgasm. After cumming, she leans back on her desktop and fingers her pink wet hole spreading it wide open for you to see way inside. Then, after a close up of her spreading her tight ass hole she sits up and plays again with her big tits. This video has great vocals in it and super close ups.

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