I Want to Be a Dream Girl 4

Sorti à: 1 mars 2002 de Dream Girls
"As A school teacher, I was always a freak in private... Now I can be a freak for everyone to see!" Well students.. Todays class will be a little different than ordinary.. Meet the very sexy and captivating Lacey- a school teacher!! Our day with lacey starts on the beach during sunset. Lacey strips naked and shows herself off in front of the local sunset worshipers. Then we are off to the streets of Tampa where Lacey flashes some more. We venture into a local pub for a cocktail and Lacey lets her hair down and lifts up her skirt. Once we get Lacey back to our place, the private show begins! Lacey shows off her super long legs before introducing us to her favorite sex toy-the purple pocket rocket. "Here's something not a lot of people know about me.. I have a toy collection of over 50 dildo's!" After her first orgasm she starts a soothing bubble bath. Once her pink suctin cup dildo hits the bathroom walll, the pussy pounding begins as Lacey fucks the dildo! She finishes up in the bedroom with several other toys including 2 new ones- a silver bullet and a blue vibrator. "Using several toys at once reminds of the first time I partied at an orgy." Lacey then tries out her new blue dildo to writhing orgasm, and says "After this test run... this one gets 2 thumbs up!" Lacey gets something else of ours up too!! Don't misss this lesson class-a nympho teacher!!

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