Jackie 1

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Master Savage has again cast his net and reels in Jackie. This girl must have some heavy-duty potential here as she is made into a trilogy, so let's do them all. Lovely girl she is. Big brown eyes, that willingness to learn and be dirty, plus a nice-sized mole or beauty mark, right below her nose. This is another of Savage's nubile and naive conquests, its like she's in school listening to a biology lecture. A tad apprehensive, nice booted outfit with slit up skirt so this has great potential. Look at the lovely, sheer, white panties. Purity of the pussy, and right through the fabric we can peek. Very nice legs and upper thighs. Time for some meditation and holding of the pose. Savage again gives us his expertise in rope tricks as he starts at her boots. She must keep her hand over her honey box as she is too pure to show that off to us perverted viewers. Look at those pert and pretty nipples, very attractive rack o' titties. Savage is an expert tit whacker. Savage works that tit meat like he's opening up a bank vault. She appears a bit distressed, given the angst upon her face. One thing about our host Savage----he does savor the moments with his wenches. Tits and ropes are his personal fetish. He seems to have an Aladdin's touch, molding Jackie's breasts. Kind of like kneading play dough. Now willing and compliant, Jackie strips down but keeps on the panties. What a perfect pair of fanny cheeks, high and firm and youthful. Wrists secured behind her back, Savage continues his expert rope dancing. Savage should patent these talents he has. Look how he roped her hair into a ponytail, that is nice artwork. Preparing the table as he does, we'll pick them both up in part two of the Jackie saga.

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