Jackie 2

Sorti à: 27 avril 2004 de Galaxy Productions
When we last left our damsel, Jackie was perfectly roped by the master calfer, Savage. Sensory deprivation begins her next chapter as she is blindfolded. Cat o nine comes to tease the titties, this is a familiar Savage, warm-up theme. It is a shorter-than-usual cat, obviously a smaller center of gravity to snap away at the tit flesh and away he goes. And he is laying them in there hard and she seems to be able to withstand the assault. Although she winces upon impact, she can take the whirlwind flogs, each one smack dab upon her flesh and nipples. Since they are small, one hit covers the entire target area. There appears to be a tatoo of a rodent, visible through her white panties. Savage gives us his impression of a belly chain. The rope tightly snugs her crotch and pushed the panty fabric flush to her tat. Mini-vice grip, tittie clamps come out to the nipples. If he whacks that iron, she will jump for sure. Those things are heavy, just dangling there. She does her best to endure the discomfort. Just in case, insert ball gag and have the new pet on all fours, ass high. Nice aerial view. She looks darling amidst her helpless stress and she eyes the crop as we do. The strokes are short but stinging. And right to the meatiest part of her cheeks. She does whimper as the blows rain down, but its a pleasurable moan as drool drips from the ball. Her ass begins to sway back and forth as the cropping continues. She is getting weak in the knees, but still sticks it up there, proud and haughty, to take more. She inhales the leather to be at one with it and Savage smacks down more blows. Watch her inch her way over to the table, she is so securely tied at the ankles. Her body language connotes shame. Her cheeks are a handful and that makes them all the more spankable. He is personally interested in this fanny. She knows more ordeals are on the way, and leaves us by turning to the camera, inviting us back for the grand finale as she becomes owned by Master Savage.

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