Jackie 3

Sorti à: 27 avril 2004 de Galaxy Productions
What better way to begin act number three than with a full, tight ass shot of Jackie. Turned around, we now see her roped gash, minus sheer panties and the tat is a rodent. She is pinned against the metal of the St. Andrew's Cross. And shaved bald as an orchard-picked peach. She looks genuinely scared now. The rope cuts into her curtains as the corduroy cat gets busy. Savage zeroes into the tits and crotch. As usual, he snaps them in there with a flick and even starts winding up and landing them. Couple of nice, overhand rights, directly on target. Five to the tits, five to the twat meat and she is hanging tough. The tat is a frog. And the wheel of needles makes an appearance. Savage has the entire clothes line strung up now, from ceiling to floor. And spreader-barred wide open, with her privates bared for all to see, is the lovely Jackie. The cat is going to tear into those folds. She does look a tad dirty and used, both front and back. That is tender flesh getting hammered and she takes it all without uttering one peep. She can scream all she wants now, as the gag has been removed. Look at those ham slices, you could make a party sub with them. The nipple chain appears, fastened and pulled for tugging effect. It is a cute little slice, in its own, prune-like way. And a jumbo clothespin on her tongue, very fresh. Her ordeal continues. Looking close, you can actually see the progressive swelling of her lips from his tenderizing. This is a wonderful three pack of fun and agony. Fun for Savage, agony for Jackie. However, Jackie not only accepts her fate, but seems to enjoy it. Thumbs up and Jackie should be a keeper. These types of series could develop into a cult following with this dysfunctional pair. Once you ring up the first entry, you will stick around for acts two and the grand finale of three.

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