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Cadence Lux didn't Know she would be walking into a hell storm of lesbian sex when she was hired to clean Miss Veronica Vains's estate. When she meets the red headed vixen, Veronica immediately orders Cadence to clean off her hands, feet and, oddly enough, her own private parts. Which means her undressing in an orderly fashion. April O'Neil and Kristina Rose use their expert sensual techniques to coax thigh busting orgasms from one another's soft bodies-- using each others incredibly strong and gentle licking style on each others' natural boobs and bushy lesbian pussies. Thinking she has everything figured out, Veronica Rodriguez teaching us tips and tricks on how to get away with skipping school. Rule number one is dressing up to look cute: Veronica puts on an adorable mini skirt, barely hiding her delightful ass cheeks, knee high socks and a black shirt with no bra.

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