Lick My Ass Vol. 3

Sorti à: 5 septembre 2007 de Roman Video
Our favorite facesitting Mistress, Sandra Romaine is back in action in this epic facesitting ass worship smothering video. In probably her best performance of all time (not that any of her videos before this are not as high of quality!), Sandra totally dominates her male slave's face with her big round beautiful ass. She grinds aggressively on it, telling him to tongue fuck her ass, riding his tongue up and down while having orgasm after orgasm! Sandra is soooo into this video her raw sexuality and intensity can't be described in words. She has at leasst 3 orgasms riding the slave's face and her intensity is unreal! This video begins with a long interview of Sandra at the beginning. Learn why she loves dominating men with her ass and how she loves facesitting! Watch her shove her beautiful round ass into the camera and command you to worship it and lick it!

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