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My friend Marie found Yosenia working at a local mall selling those little key chains. She wanted to see if you could really take a shy girl and turn her into an Ass Eating, Cocking Sucking, Anal Fucktoy. Well, this video proves you can. She was shaking when she walked in with her boyfriend. Her tiny 5'6, 110 body looked so good, and so naive. I was just picturing all the nasty things I would do to her. I made her shoot a test scene before we shot, where I really wanted to see where her limits were. I fondled her, made her suck my cock, eat my ass, taste her pussy juice of my cock, and then gave her a huge load to swallow. When she came back to shoot her scene I was impressed. She was wearing a swimsuit, so I made her take the top off as soon as she arrived. Her perky little tits hanging out really excited me, I couldn't wait to defile her. I played with her cunt, and her tight little ass, inserting some small toys first, watching her moan that it was just too tight. Then I fucked her cunt silly with my cock, stopping only to let her eat my ass, and suck her juices of my cock. When it came time for her to give me her ass, it was sooo tight. My cock filled her little asshole up to the point she almost couldn't take it. At first she wasn't able to take it, but after working my cock in I gave her the double dildo treatment. My cock filling her tight ass I rammed the double dong into her cunt. She loved it and her tight little asshole soon gave way. I pulled my cock out of her ass and let her suck on it before making her jerk me off while licking my ass. When I was ready to cum, I grabbed her eighteen year old head and put it on my cock, injecting my load into her mouth. What a good little whore.

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