Mistress Takes Berlin Part 1

Sorti à: 15 septembre 2020 de Amber Michaels Productions
I love have a beautiful woman dress up in lingerie for me and be my submissive little slut. Berlin comes to my home and I make her do as she is told. Being her mistress is easy as she listens to my soft but firm demands easily. I love feeling up her curved body. She shaved her sweet pussy for me. That always please me, so I begin to finger fuck her nice and hard. She is so turned on she is soaking wet. So I have her lay on her back and spread her long legs apart for me. And I begin to lick and suck that juicy pussy to make her cum over and over. Her clit is so swollen from cumming so hard so many times. I keep eating her pussy until I get every last drop. Then have her start to kiss me and clean my face. She is my perfect kitten!

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