More Dirty Debutantes #211

Sorti à: 19 février 2002 de Ed Powers Productions
**More Dirty Debutantes 211** is an exciting volume! With the likes of the Puerto Rican sexy dish, Carmen Luvana! "Oy Caramba." then we serve up a Tasty Filipina Dish, Kimmy Kann...She's more than "Mabutay". How do you like your sashimi? We are also serving a little Fujiko Kano from Japan. Hey! This is like a Global Warming Debutante; well I am warming up some globes! LOL. Lovely Leanna cums to masturbate but doesn't decline a helping globe squeezing hand. MDD 211 has variety and passion! Please enjoy; it's not just another porno! Love Ya, Ed Powers

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Fujiko Kano

Scène3: 01:24:48 - 01:48:17 (23:29)


Kimmy Kahn

Scène4: 01:48:18 - 02:22:00 (33:42)