Muffs in Cuffs

Sorti à: 1 mars 2002 de Pleasure Productions
When Mistress Sapphire practices a little S&M on some willing new slavegirls, there's no telling the depths that she will plumb to degrade and torment her charges. First little porn star Roxxi Raye is dragged to the deprivation chamber and seated in the leather harness to disable her. While wrist and ankle cuffed, she is forced to endure mousetraps on her tits, the switch to the feet and hot wax dripping on her smooth belly. Next Roxxi is caged and forced to paddle blonde stripper Monique A'More as she lies stretched out above Roxxi on the rack. Finally, semi-dominant slavegirl Heide is brought in to complete Monique's submission against the upright cross at the Mistress' behest. New girls, a real dungeon, and a hot girl-girl humiliation make for a great session of Muffs In Cuffs!

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