Naughty College School Girls 36 (Super Saver)

Sorti à: 3 décembre 2004 de New Sensations
  • Studio: New Sensations
  • Durée: 01:44:00
  • Année de production: 2004
  • Nombre de scènes: 5
  • Jeter:
God bless these nasty young sluts, and their insatiable craving for cock! And God bless Axel Braun for delivering another hyper-charged chapter in the world of teen porn! You've gotta love gorgeous nymphette Sammie Rhodes, especially when she takes a double-stuffing of man-meat...and what about the perfect tits of Jessica Sweet? Yes, she gets DP'd and loves every second of it! Latino hottie Megan swallows every drop of cum, punk teenager Ally rocks the cock like a sex pistol, and foxy Sunshine gives up her virgin butthole. All this, and more! There's a reason why we're at number 36...and counting!

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