New Ends #10

Sorti à: 24 juillet 2002 de Ed Powers Productions
Anisa bids us a fond farewell. It's sad but true that she has retired from the business and "New Ends 10" is her last hurrah. She leaves behind a legacy of adult entertainment and New Ends - the original appearance of Minha, the exciting ass-pounding beginning of Dallas D'Amore, Victoria Lee and Caress. As a friend I'll always enjoy that with Anisa, but as a partner, co-worker and entertainer, I and the whole world will miss her. This is a special New Ends. You can almost say it's the End of the line. Anisa leaves the biz on the best of terms and has told me she's gonna miss the fans. Her tour of booty duty has cum full term. We all love you, Anisa! She gives me full blessings for a new series, "More New Ends", cumming soon. So, in the meantime, dry your eyes because you can still wet your hanky in another way, cause "New Ends 10" is a sizzler! Enjoy. With All My Love, Ed Powers.

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