Older Women, Younger Men 8

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Mrs. Roberts has just lost her husband and needs comforting. Good thing the neighbor's kid is grown up and back from college! He gives her more than a shoulder to lean on - a hot cock to suck and fuck! Scott is a brash young lad, visiting his dad during semester break. He wasn't prepared for his new step-mom to sneak into his bed. What would dad do? Fuck the hell of out of her, that's what! Like father, like son. College professor Mrs. Jade gets asked for some study help from student Sergio. How could she not resist the charms of this sexy young man? His hard, tight body and thick, swollen cock! Forget the rules! She needs a good fucking! Mrs. Gigi needs a lot more than yardwork done on the property. Her sprinkler system also needs an overhaul. Her husband only left her with a set budget to spend on repairs. But leave it to this broad to come up with other ways to pay for the services she needs!

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