On The Take - Caned But Not For Publication

Sorti à: 29 août 2009 de California Star Productions
Officer Cane never misses a beat. When he sees two lovely ladies standing idly in the park he can readily surmise from their provocative attire what sort of business they must be in, shady for sure! When confronted with possible arrest, the girls invite the bobby to their apartment for a more private discussion of the matter. They're just two hardworking girls trying to make a living. They'd do anything to avoid going to jail. Anything! On the officer's command they willingly present their lovely bottoms for his inspection and punishment. The bobby has a go at it with certain implements of kinky pleasure, which they keep handy for such occasions as this. Well satisfied, the officer goes back to his beat...with a promise to return next week for another session. Jack Harrison has a way with the ladies. He has just given Sarah the opportunity every young girl dreams of. He is doing a spread for a well known sexy magazine. Sarah gets to pose in various stages of semi nudity. But then in the middle of an exciting photo session, in walks Uncle Roderick and he is not at all pleased. The irate uncle demands to have a private word with his niece, Jack wisely agrees to leave the room. With the photographer out of the studio, Uncle Roderick expresses his displeasure in his typical direct manner. He pulls Sarah across his knee and gives her tender young bottom a sound thrashing. First he uses the strap, then the riding crop, and finally a cane. All the while Jack Harrison has been keeping his hidden camera in action. Young Sarah may one day see her bare bottom in print after all. But it will be much redder than she expected! **This film has poor audio quality. **

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