Orgasm Sampler Three

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Orgasm Sampler 3 begins with one of our favorites, Yazmine, feeling frisky in the kitchen! As the teakettle boils, she test-drives a little buzzy vibe. Then, she decides to really go for an orgasm by removing her pants, hopping up on the kitchen counter and buzzing away through her very sexy black panties! It's not long before Yazmin pulls the panties aside, revealing her lovely, lippy cooch and then very quickly takes the panties off completely! One can really see Yazmin's lips bouncing around and 'hugging' the vibe as she buzzes away on her clit! The camera zooms in very close at times, showing off Yazmin's nice, lippy, pussy and lovely, sweet, pretty face. When Yazmin's orgasm hits, she is moaning and gasping very softly - and just a little drip of glistening wetness is coming out of her pussy! Her contractions are close up, obvious, evident and very strong! The close up, pulsating pussy orgasm lovers will be excited about this one!! The scene ends with a nice close up of Yazmin's closely shaved pussy and her getting back to her cup of tea. The next orgasm features a very close up, close up of thirty-eight old year old Suzy Hott rubbing her fat pussy and clitoris while sunbathing in a beach chair on her back deck. Her pendulous breasts are released from her t-shirt and her panties are completely off as her legs straddle the arms of her chair and she rubs, rubs, rubs! Suzy moans and gets quite excited as she reaches for her buzzy vibe and places it directly on her clitoris!! Suzy, like Yazmin, has quite the lippy, full, pussy and her videographer favors the really close up view of her powerful pulsating orgasm! One is able to completely count each contraction and aftershock! Jean is relaxing on the bed, directly between Jo-May's legs as Jo-May test-drives the magic wand. These two have a lot of fun together and really enjoy testing the toy and talking about the sensations of the vibrations. Jo-May asks Jean to tell her about a scenario where Jean is playing with herself and how she masturbates and to identify what turns her on! The conversation between these two women is so frank and honest and spontaneous - it's refreshing and erotic! Jean lets Jo-May know that she wants to watch her pussy cum. And when Jean gently caresses Jo-May's inner thighs, Jo-May starts hissing, gasping and moaning - saying, "I'm going to cum in a minute!" And she does! Jean says, "Oh, yeah! Wow!" as she watches Jo-May's orgasm. Jo-May wants to know if her bum-hole twitches like Jean's. But, Jo-May turns the toy to low power and goes for another little, quick orgasm! Jean quickly scoops up her opportunity with the magic wand, but warns she is "fussy" with her toys and it may not work. One touch with the wand, and she knows it will! Jean is another attractive young woman with a "well-endowed" pussy! With Jo-May now perched between her legs, Jean lays back and lets the toy work its magic. Through all of this, the girls exchange a very open, natural banter about their bodies and their sexuality. I thought it was nice when Jo-May said to Jean, "Make sure you tell me when you're going to cum". Jean can't wait to orgasm, and becomes agitated because she feels her orgasm is teasing her and "keeps coming and going" before she can actually climax. Jean flushes red and says, "Oh, yes!" as her pussy and bum contract rhythmically in a nice, powerful orgasm. Even Jo-May notes how perfect Jean's pussy is! Jean says how sore her abs are after that workout! The scene ends with nicer, refreshing banter between the girls. Kate is lying on the sofa in a white bra and thong panty set. Kate is a very slow and deliberate 'rubber', as we here at femorg like to say. Kate really enjoys rubbing her firm, perky breasts and nipples, not to mention her pussy, through her panties, too. Kate lets her hand wander into her panties for quite awhile before pulling her panties further aside and really rubbing her clit. After some clit play, the panties are slipped off, the fingers are moistened and Kate gets down to serious masturbation. Kate grabs a little pocket rocket and moistens her fingers. Kate moans ever so softly every now and then and more and more intently as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Kate moans, but only very quietly when she cums, and her contractions are definitely present, but subtle. Kate doesn't stop at one orgasm; she keeps going with the pocket rocket until she cums again, gently rocking her hips up and down. Kate isn't satisfied with two orgasms though, so she keeps the pocket rocket going until she cums for a third time! Nice! Kate spreads her lips ever so slightly to reveal a nice glistening wetness that is almost down to her bum. The cameraman asks if she can do one more orgasm ... Kate giggles a bit, says, "I can try" and starts with the pocket rocket one more time! With some time and frantic toy effort Kate flushes to red and enjoys a fourth nice orgasm! The scene ends with a very close up of her shaven, glistening pussy. The next scene is a quick, short speculum camera view. The camera and speculum are already inserted inside Genie's pussy - showing the vaginal walls and all their gooey white secretions - not to mention the string of an IUD! This view takes close up to a whole new level!! When Genie reaches orgasm, her vaginal walls and cervical contractions are completely obvious and visible! Petite, blonde, Russian, Julieta is featured next. She looks a bit vampy on the sofa in a red button front bodice, with matching red panties and fishnet stockings. The bodice is the first article of clothing removed, followed by the red panties. Julieta is another model with quite the nice, full pussy! She reaches for a purple vibe and settles in with the toy on her clitoris. Julieta's hips thrust ever so slightly as she reaches around from her thigh to slightly pull her lips apart. With her high heels digging into the sofa cushion, she increases the power on the toy, all the while she slightly hisses and moans and her pussy looks as though it is becoming more and more moist. The purple vibe has a low battery, so Julieta smiles at the cameraman as she reaches for a pocket rocket. Julieta keeps the rocket tuned into and onto the right side of her clitoris, gently rocking and hissing as she enjoys a nice, very visible orgasm!

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