Over the Knee

Sorti à: 7 août 2019 de California Star Productions
Carrie was so looking forward to going to the party that evening. She was so excited, he was thinking about it on her way back from the library. As she entered the front door, Carrie was greeted by her older sister, who appeared to be very angry. "Carrie you know you were supposed to help me in the house. You are going to get a good spanking." Carrie was spanked hard and grounded. "No party for you my girl." Carrie just had to go to this party, so when late evening came, she sneaks out her window and off she goes to the party...Had Carrie known that the spanking she would receive from her sister upon sister upon her return was going to be so severe she wouldn't have gone. A Great Film...Plenty of Over-The-Knee Spanking in this one...

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