Pick Up Lines #63

Sorti à: 30 janvier 2003 de Silverstone Entertainment
**Brandy:** Cooking in the kitchen can be so appetizing and so filling! **Erica:** A game of pool never really gets going, but she does... especially when she gets her ass fucked! **Lacey:** Attempting to tempt her man with an apple would make more sense in the Garden of Eden. Beautiful, bouncing breasts can do what no apple could. **Ginger:** She really wants the part, so she goes the casting couch route. Watch her take his part in her butt, and his load on her face! **Lana & Bianca:** Two Brazilian babes engage a stud for a menage-a-trois, indoors and outdoors. **Josie:** Hungry for satisfaction, she climbs the spiral staircase to the penthouse roof. The only thing she likes more than one black cock is two.

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