Private Editions Smokers 3: Kelly Havel - All The Smokers Plus 1

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Girls with something in their mouth is always hot to behold, especially when they're smoking cigarettes. And there is one woman that comes to mind when it comes to sexuality and smoking - Kelly Havel! Kelly Havel would easily fit into the category of "most often requested" models, and her smoking talents were overshadowed in the beginning, but slowly emerged as one of her strongest skills. For the first time, I am offering all of her smoking scenes, all together, in one film. There are a total of 11 scenes, 3 of which were solo, and the rest with the lovely Jennifer George. This film is the perfect collection for Kelly's fans and adds some different shoots. And there's a bonus too... all of Kelly's smokers didn't quite fill the 2 hours of time in the movie, and there was just enough space to fit her one and only solo masturbation scene as a finale. The scene was only released of L-17-3 "Getting Off Easier" and features Kelly rocking her world with a rather large, lifelike Phallis... and you can see from the gleam in her eyes the satisfaction she gets from her "boy-toy friend".

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