Real Sex World 8

Sorti à: 30 décembre 2002 de JFP Productions
Welcome to **Real Sex World 8: Black Chicks, White Dicks"**. This time we've tapped into two of the hottest young black ho's you will ever find. First we visit our good friend "sierra" who shows us how far she has cum since we last shot her. She's a true pro who's not afraid to come back to the minor leagues to show these white boys how a four-banger is done. She takes a fantastic triple penetration, all holes stuffed full at once and creaming away. Our next hottie has a special surprise in store for you, we're talking chocolate milk. This lactating beauty is built for action and ready to roll, showing us she can take it to the next level. Giving it all she's got, she just blows our man away and she will do the same to you.

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