Red Shoes

Sorti à: 13 juin 2003 de Flash Point Productions
The elegant blond Kelly Moon drives to the beach and strips in a public parking lot on her way to meet Sandy Bunz. While at the beach, Steve strolls by and takes a break to admire the red shoes Kelly is wearing...the torrid sex that they have is captivating! Nubian princess Peaches is in the woods and sees a naked man. The ever-ready Dino Bravo joins Peaches in some hot and gooey anal action, then Peaches sucks his swollen tool for his creamy load. After a voyage on the yacht, Brandee needs to get her land legs back, so Cam Shaft takes her over to the bushes and has her legs in the air for some hot steamy action! Sandy is strolling in the woods and comes across Dino soaking up some rays. The petite Berry Sweet comes by and sparks things up with Dino till she catches a big load on her chin! Right down the shoreline, the sultry Violet finds Johnny Walker kicking back. She soon has Johnny mounting her in a variety of positions with the beautiful Pacific Ocean's waves crashing in the background. Violet blows Johnny till she gets a cumshot on her beautiful face!

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