Rhythm 'N' Blues

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  • Studio: Hotoldmovies
  • Durée: 00:09:00
  • Année de production: 2009
  • Nombre de scènes: 2
  • Jeter:
Watch a chocolate skinned beauty and vanilla toned as they tart model and dance for you. The first gal looks at a dirty pin up book and lifts her fringe top to show you that she is getting excited. You even get to see some pictures from the book! The second shy lady removes her robe to show off her toned yet soft and feminine body. A surprise comes when she picks up the microphone and sings into the recorder. Both gals dance with smiles on their faces; if only we could hear the Rhythm 'N' Blues. Enjoy this 8mm find.

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Scène1: 00:00:04 - 00:03:41 (3:37)

Scène2: 00:03:41 - 00:09:11 (5:30)