Sable Is Sorry

Sorti à: 30 novembre 2004 de Galaxy Productions
Once again Master Rick Savage delights us with the defilement of a gorgeous amateur, Sable, to the world of bondage and discipline. With all the innocence of a lamb walking into the back door of a butcher's shop, Sable accompanies Master Savage into the dungeons of the famous Hellfire club in New York City. In the words of Savage himself, "Sable may become the 'Fan Favorite' of all the ladies I have shot for Galaxy. She is attractive, statuesque with a body to die for, and great 44DD tits. I enjoy taking tits like hers and binding them." In this tape, he builds a very comfortable rope bra. Then, just for a crowning touch, he adds a few tight pinching clothes pins to the taught skin of those gigantic jugs. Sable is tied to a vertical spread-eagle as Savage begins her torment. He applies a feather duster to her luscious body, relaxing her with its caress, only to shock her with painful slaps to her pear shaped ass. Soon, the beautiful buns of this "Babe from Dixie" begin to jiggle, dance and turn red as Savage punishes them with the palm of his hand, a wide leather belt, a leather flogger and a severe leather paddle. The Hellfire club has one of the most well equipped dungeons in the world and Master Rick makes good use by tying her up in a large sling built from wooden beams, strong chained and leather. With her legs spread wide and vulnerable, he finishes out her session by punishing the inside of her thighs and her pussy with nasty red paddle and a vibrator.

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